Movie Talk Lesson: El Soltero

Here are the basic lesson plans and documents I’ve used for the Movie Talk I am doing this week.  The short animation I used is called The Lonely Bachelor in English, so I’ve called it “El Soltero“.

What I like most about this week’s lessons is that it reuses the same story line in various ways so that the students will become very familiar with it (it’s not that I don’t do this other times – it’s just that I’ve presented it in more ways so students aren’t realizing it).  I was inspired to play with the storyline in varying activities after purchasing some very creative lessons from Elena Lopez.  Make sure to check out her work!

What I don’t like is that it’s not “valentinesy” enough, but due to crazy schedules last week and this week my creativity juices were stifled!

Day 1: 

– presented new vocabulary

– completed Movie Talk

Day 2: 

– reviewed new vocabulary

– listening quiz: Students had scene images in front of them while I read 10 sentence in Spanish.  Students picked the photo I was describing.

– writing activity: I chose 5 scene images that helped tell the bare bones of the story and put them on a page. I displayed the week’s vocabulary on the board since we hadn’t done a reading activity yet.

– reading practice: sent home with students.  One activity was an order activity from Textivate and another was 8 questions in Spanish about the story.

Day 3: 

– reading warm-up: fill in the blank activity, again borrowed from Textivate.

– reading quiz: students will match the written sentence with the correct picture.

– speaking practice: students will have only 4-5 pictures on their sheet.  Students will describe the picture orally and their partner will sketch what is being described.

Day 4: 

– speaking and writing quizzes

If you’re interested in the documents, check out these links: 

El Soltero – Scene Images, Listening Quiz Handout, Reading Practices 

El Soltero – Reading Activity (one with answer key, horizontal landscape)

El Soltero – Writing Activities 

8 thoughts on “Movie Talk Lesson: El Soltero

  1. ¡Elizabeth hermosa!!!!
    Está tu lección increíble. Estaba por empezar a planear mi lección para esta semana y que me encuentro con este regalote. No me dio tiempo de hacer nada con San Valentín a mí tampoco porque estábamos terminando la lección de Doberhuahua así que esto que has hecho me viene perfecto. Me fascina ver otras ideas de cómo presentar una lección.
    Mil, mil gracias por compartirlo.

    Saluditos cariñosos,

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  4. I love this! Can’t wait to use it with my classes! Do you have a listening script that you’d be willing to share?

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