Spanish 1 Curriculum

I would like to share the “curriculum” my Spanish 1 students had this year.  I am sharing for several reasons: I would have been lost this year without other teachers sharing their own (especially Martina Bex and Kristy Placido), I want to help others in a similar fashion, and I also want to reflect on just how much my Spanish 1 students accomplished this year.


On the very first day I did Ben Slavic’s Circling with Balls activity.  I blogged about it here and here’s my reflection on the lesson.  I then moved on and did Chapters 1-2 of ¡Cuéntame más! with students.  I created a few stories to accompany the vocabulary from the text (like Grumpy Gato, Miley Cyrus & La Tomatina, and a Homecoming one as well).  Around the beginning of October we started a monster unit.  I talked a little about it in this post and we also watched the Grimm episode featuring El Cucuy.    After this, we learned about Día de los Muertos and students made their own altars.  Mid-November we began a holiday unit.  I used mostly my own materials but ended up purchasing  Martina Bex’s Tradiciones de Navidad Product and we did a bit of activities with the Pastorelas. I wish I had purchased this sooner and I definitely plan to incorporate more of her lessons from the product next year.

Throughout semester one, we read Brandon Brown quiere un perro for fun.  We read every Monday for the whole class period and students were allowed to bring snacks and get comfy on the floor with the class.  In the beginning I read to students but as we began working our way through students began voicing the characters.  We ended the novel popcorn style so that they just weren’t listening to me all the time.  I asked questions about the book in English to ensure they understood. There were no additional activities or test – we simply read to read in Spanish.  I often heard statements like “We’re reading today? Yesss!” and “We get to read today, right?”


We dedicated most of semester 2 to reading Esperanza.  This was very different from the book we read in semester 1.  This time, I used the Teacher’s Guide activities and I made it a priority to ask questions in Spanish.  In the midst of reading, we did the El Soltero Movie Talk lesson for Valentine’s Day.  We then continued reading and around Easter my students completed projects of their choosing (described in this post).  We finished the year with a unit on bullfighting (you can view all lessons here).

I think that’s everything we did this year!


– For general lessons, I purchased several of Martina Bex’s lessons that I plan to use next year.  I love that they’re based on culture.  I also love that she still includes a few grammar things for students.

– I plan to read the books similarly to this year (1st semester just for fun, 2nd semester as a book study of sorts); however, I plan on changing leveled readers.  I would like to add one of Mira Canion’s novels for semester 1 and either Robo en la noche or Los Baker Van a Perú for a novel study in semester 2.  Bryce Hedstrom has an awesome ranking of the novels that I’m going to reference while making my choices.

– For any self-created lessons, I want to build units based on culture similarly to how I did with the  bullfighting unit.  I don’t just want to teach culture as a side-note like in previous years.  Students were more engaged/interested and it was more fun for me.

– More songs!  Previously I did one a week, but for some reason this year I did only 5 or less.  Not sure what happened there!

6 thoughts on “Spanish 1 Curriculum

    • I’m glad to help! I can’t believe I never used them before. They’re awesome!

      PS: Make sure to check out the Bryce Hedstrom link above about the books. TONS of awesome info there!

      • That link is awesome!! When you read with Spanish 1 first semester, were they all following along with their own copy? Or was it you reading Kindergarten style?

      • Students had their own copy. I think its important for students to look at the words to connect with the sound of the word. I do plan to add some kindergarten style activities for next year though!

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  2. Your blog has been such a great help! I am a first year teacher trying to do the TPRS stuff, I also teach Middle School and High School, so muchas gracias!

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