Have you heard of the #spanstuchat on Twitter yet?  If not, I’d love to share some information about it with you!

#spanstuchat stands for Spanish students who are wanting to chat in Spanish.  Each month, there is a topic and questions related to the topic.  For example, this month was Favorites and questions ranged from favorite classes to favorite TV programs and even more.  A teacher sends the question out into the twitterverse and then students answer the questions in Spanish by following the hashtag #spanstuchat.  I love this because it’s so realistic and helps bring what we’re learning in class to the real world!

The creators are two phenomenal teachers from Aurora, Nebraska.  You can follow the creators on Twitter @Kmcneese1 and @RhulsHuls.  They have also created this website with general information about the project, questions to be asked for the month, and an archive of the conversations.

I offered writing extra-credit for participating this month, but this would be a terrific addition to any Real World-style homework.

If you’re interested in having your students participate in the future, it happens on Tuesdays, from 8-9 CST, and the rest of the dates for this school year are: March 18th, April 15th, and May 20th.

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