Toma lo que necesitas

I was recently inspired by images of a couple “take what you need” signs.  You know, those cute signs that look like you might find them in an old grocery store selling puppies?  Where you rip the phone number off the bottom if you’re interested?

I had never thought about using something like this around school until I saw this post by Sarai Llamas.  Sarai posted an example using compliments in both Spanish and English in case you’re not a Spanish teacher.

After seeing Sarai’s adorable examples, I was motivated to make one myself!  I love being able to post Spanish on walls outside my room!  I love having my students coming into my room, asking about the signs, seeing it all click together or being used outside of class.  I love having the rest of the student body talking about my class.  This is also perfect timing because this little poster lends itself well to some of our San Valentín vocabulary.

So here is my example:

Feel free to use mine as your own, or to share your own examples with me!

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