#onewordedu 2017: BABY! ­čĹÂ

Teachers are beginning to share their #oneword for their 2017-2018 academic year. ┬áTeachers have identified words like prioritize, connect, organize, focus, and more. ┬áCurious what other teachers’ #oneword is? ┬áCheck out the┬á#onewordedu hashtag on Twitter for quick comments as well as blog posts expanding on their #oneword.

But here’s the kicker – my #oneword for the 2017-2018 school year actually has NOTHING to do with school! ┬áMy #oneword for 2017 is BABY! ┬áAlthough I’ve primarily kept this news on my private social media, I’m excited to finally share with you all that I am expecting a little girl at the end of October this year. ┬áMy husband and I have been scurrying to make sure we’re ready for her since last spring. ┬áWe’ve been working like maniacs to make sure we have enough saved up for the unpaid maternity time I will need, doing some major work (goodbye popcorn ceiling and hello to a brand new window!, plus lots, lots, more!) on the nursery to make sure it’s ready for her, and we’ve been eagerly learning about current and old pregnancy/parenting ideologies. ┬áMy husband and I may have been the odd couple out at our baby class who said we were most excited thinking about best practices in raising a child and the sociology & psychology of raising a baby instead of feeling the baby kick (which is also pretty cool!).

#onewordedu 2017- BABY!  | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at SraDentlinger.wordpress.com

I wanted to share this news with all of you because it may explain some choices I’ve made in my professional life for the following year. ┬áAs of current day, I will be limiting my professional contributions for the next year to┬á#langchat, the Comprehensible Iowa Conference, and the Iowa World Language Association‘s Annual Fall Conference. ┬áI relinquished my Communications Director position with the Comprehensible Midwest Conference earlier this summer. ┬áAlthough I will be attending the Iowa World Language Association‘s 2017 Fall Conference and fulfilling my roles on the Executive Board, I am not currently planning on presenting while there as the conference falls close to my due date. ┬áIn addition to how uncomfortable I’m sure I will be at 9 months pregnant, I will need to fulfill some Vice President duties in addition to continuing my efforts to promote the conference with social media. ┬áLastly, I am unsure what this new addition in my life will mean for this blog – so please bear with me if information seems sparse for a little while!

Thank you in advance for your kind words and well wishes!

I love connecting with other world language educators! ┬áPlease feel free to add me on Google+, tweet at me on Twitter, love my blog on BloglovinÔÇÖ, and check out my pins on Pinterest!

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