I’m going to #iwla17 and you should, too!

Yesterday, I shared some bitter sweet news: I am not planning on presenting at the Iowa World Language‘s 2017 Conference because the conference falls incredibly close to my due date.  However, I am still planning on attending the conference for SO many different and good reasons… and you should, too!

First, and perhaps the most personally relevant for me, is that my mentor and dear, dear friend Larry Pace will be the mini-keynote Saturday.  So much of who I am as a teacher I attribute to this IWLA Distinguished Educator and WHO’s Golden Apple Award winner.  I cannot begin to convey my sadness when I think about how I no longer get to pick his brain on teaching techniques and/or share my life struggles with him on a daily basis.  The #iwla17 theme is “Oh the places we’ll go, the people we’ll know,” and true to Larry’s core he has chosen to focus on the latter part of the theme for his mini-keynote.  So if you’d like to rub elbows with one of world language teaching’s finest and be inspired by the man who continues to inspire me, I encourage you to attend #IWLA17.

Second, we have so many high-quality presenters who regularly present at the Iowa World Language Association‘s Annual Fall Conference and go on to present at regional and national conferences.  Instead of paying the big bucks it can cost to see them at a regional or national conference, keep your costs low and see them present here in Iowa!  I cannot begin to tell you how many teachers nation and world wide have reached out to me stating how jealous they are of us here in Iowa because of how many awesome world language teachers we have.  Here are just a few of them that I know of that eagerly and repeatedly share their wisdom at various conferences:

I'm going to #iwla17 and YOU should, too! | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at SraDentlinger.wordpress.com

I’m going to #iwla17 and YOU should, too! | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at SraDentlinger.wordpress.com

Third, I am excited to see  teachers like YOU (yes, YOU!) to presenting at the Iowa World Language Association‘s Annual Fall Conference!  We need teachers that have new ideas, teachers who can share tried and true tricks, teachers who will help inspire other world language teachers to try something new in their classroom, and fresh voices to help us continue growing our strong, supportive, and interconnected world language teaching community here in Iowa.  The conference is looking for presentations on advocacy to classroom management, from research to professional development, from content areas to comprehensible input, and SO. MUCH. MORE!  If a full blown presentation scares you, consider doing a poster presentation (where people will walk around and come-and-go)!  Priority proposals are due August 15th… so submit your presentation proposal here today NOW!

Fourth, I am looking forward to continuing the Iowa World Language Association‘s social media efforts while at the conference.  Last year, my husband and I took as many photographs as possible of presenters, attendees, and exhibitors.  We even managed to catch some of the presentations on video as the previous year’s Distinguished Educator winner’s speech video was quite popular.  As crazy as it can be, I also enjoy sending out important notices via Twitter and helping attendees get the information they need on our digital platforms the days of the conference.  Even though I enjoy this kind of work very much, I am interested in some extra help this year in case things change with my pregnancy.  If you’re willing and able to help me with this kind of work, please reach out!  I’d love to have your help!

Fifth, I love connecting with old friends and making new ones who share my passion for world language education.  I can’t wait to see you there, amigos!

I love connecting with other world language educators!  Please feel free to add me on Google+, tweet at me on Twitter, love my blog on Bloglovin’, and check out my pins on Pinterest!

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