CYOAs: Choose Your Own Adventure Reading and Writing

The whole concept of Choose Your Own Adventures (CYOA) really excites me!  Other world language teachers seem to love it, too.  Mike Peto is writing and collecting CYOAs on the FVR Class Library Blog.  Mr. Peto blogged about creating a CYOA format on his blog here, and he described how others can contribute to the collection on the FVR blog here.  I remember Martina Bex blogging about a CYOA document that she had created for a unit (but can’t seem to find the exact post).  

A Google search yields tons of hits, indicating that I’m just starting to catch on to what others already know.  The website has a fantastic collection of Spanish CYOAs, with reasonable prices and written about (mostly) culturally interesting topics.  Based on the description, I think some advanced novices could read certain texts but most look like they would be better for students with more exposure.

IF CYOA gets students reading, couldn’t it also get students writing?  The idea came to me from an article** in the Foreign Language Annals on wiki projects.  The article described a project in which university students created their own CYOA on a wiki.  After a little looking around, I came across some posts on Michele Whaley’s website on having students write a CYOA.  A colleague in my Master’s program described another colleague’s project, in which the students watched the Motorcycle Diaries and then students created a wiki about it.  

I want to make a student-created CYOA wiki a reality.  It’s high order Bloom’s, it meets several International Society for Teaching in Education Standards for students regarding technology, and it will also have students meeting ACTFL’s Communication Standards as they work on the project and as they write for viewers.  It’s a Free Write/Timed Write that’s completely in the students’ hands and that will engage them.  I hope to share in the near future!


Ducate, Anderson, & Moreno. (n.d.). Wading Through the World of Wikis: An  Analysis of Three Wiki Projects. Foreign Language Annals, 44(3), 495.

3 thoughts on “CYOAs: Choose Your Own Adventure Reading and Writing

    • Yes! I would love to have it be one of my Tech Module assignments, but I’m unsure if it meets the criteria they’re asking for. Regardless, I was thinking my Spanish 3s and even 2s would get into this.

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