#spelfies…. give it time, the term will catch on!  

What is a #spelfie?  A Spanish selfie!  

I got the idea from Living History Farms at the Iowa State Fair this year.  Living History Farms had mirrors for #felfies (a farmer selfie) while in line to see the butter cow. I looked up #felfie on Twitter and apparently it’s really a thing!  Farmer outfits are placed on the mirror, with blank mirror space left for the face.  People then take a picture of their reflection in the outfit.  This is what the #felfie station looked like: 


I managed to find some pretty cheap mirrors at Menards for $5.  Can’t wait to share the final product with you all! 

6 thoughts on “#spelfies

    • Is there a good app for it that you recommend? Also, thank you for the reminder. I was thinking about starting with a Flamenco dancer for a girl and bullfighter outfit for a boy. Do you think those are OK? And do you have other suggestions?

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