Lucha Libre Unit: The Beginnings

I’m going to teach a Lucha Libre unit.

Truth be told, I’m terrified of this unit.  I know very little about Lucha Libre except for what movies like Nacho Libre might lead me to believe (and I doubt that it’s fairly accurate).  However, my Spanish 2s told me they miss the culture from their first year.  I recognize that I’ve been trying to cram too much in.   We’re preparing for the Ennio Emmanuel concert, writing a CYOA about once a week, reading for fun on Mondays, and trying to fit in “curriculum.”   Not to mention I am trying not only to teach my students, but create materials that are useful for my students that also meet project descriptions for one of my two Master’s courses.  It’s nuts!  Sadly, all of these things have caused me to lose site of what my students and I are most passionate about: CULTURE!

In a similar fashion to my bullfighting unit, I plan to share my journey and materials for this Lucha Libre unit.  If you’re looking for authentic and/or additional materials, I plan to pin them to my Lucha Libre Pinterest board.

(C) 2010 mamajo - Flickr - masks_5785 website:

(C) 2010 mamajo – Flickr – masks_5785

As I begin to prepare my unit, the BIG idea/question for the unit is: what does it mean to be a luchador?

My key/essential questions are:

  1. Who are some current, famous luchadores?  Who is considered the most famous luchador?
  2. What do luchadores (symbolically) fight for?  Are there any main characters?  What do these characters represent?
  3. How is lucha libre similar or different to wrestling, football, etc. in the US? Are there similar sports in other Spanish-speaking countries?
  4. What are the names of the regions where lucha libre occurs?

Wish me luck!

Here’s my disclaimer:  I am not a lucha libre expert! While creating this unit I am  learning along with my students.  If you notice an error in any of these future works, or have suggestion on how to improve them, please contact me so I can correct it! 

11 thoughts on “Lucha Libre Unit: The Beginnings

  1. BRAVO to you! I look forward to following your lucha libre unit!
    I just purchased a lucha mask and my heritage students got a rise out of it! I would like to consider a lucha lesson for my heritage class someday!

  2. I love teaching lucha libre! I really like your idea of building a luchador. You might also want to search cholitas from Bolivia. They are a very interesting group that will supplement your unit.

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