Esperanza Choice Project

I wanted to share my project for the Esperanza novel that my students are currently completing.

We have been working on this novel since the beginning of January.  I thought this was an absurd amount of time, but after going to the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language I talked with several other teachers who say this is normal for them.  I was very fortunate that my district purchased the Esperanza‘s Teacher’s Guide through and referenced Martina Bex’s lessons on Esperanza from when she taught the book last year.  If you are ever leery about spending the $60 some on the Teacher’s Guides from TPRS – they are WELL worth the money!

In creating the project for my students, I heavily referenced Kristy Placido’s Choice Board for Robo en la Noche (found in this post) and Bryce Hedstrom’s Foreign Language version of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

I created this project as one of my own course projects for a class I am taking to add a Talented and Gifted Endorsement.  You will notice that the options students chose from are grouped by where I thought they fell on the Bloom’s Taxonomy chart.  Choices that required students to create received 6 points, evaluating received 5, and so forth.  I did not include any choices for remember, because I thought that’s what most of the quizzes we took were for.  I was also asked to create lessons from one set of our weekly readings and I chose to work on Decision Making and Planning skills.  A majority of this project included teaching my kids how to make decisions, set their own goals, and evaluate their own goals all while trying to encourage them to work their way up Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Click here to view the entire the project.

I will share the projects when they’re turned in on Friday!


13 thoughts on “Esperanza Choice Project

  1. Very cool project!!! I love that you not only included Bloom’s Taxonomy, but that your students knew that you were doing so and were being taught the different levels at the same time. I sometimes feel that we leave things like that “behind the scenes” when we use them, almost tricking them into using the strategies without them (the students) being aware. This makes so much more sense! My Esperanza Choice Board was so much more simple this year, but I really think I’d like to revise it into something more like this. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to get the projects back from kiddos. I’ve seen a lot of good work and I’ve been surprised by what students have chosen.

      I would recommend adjusting the texting assignment – I would either require a handwritten rough draft before they go to the computer lab or I would require them to complete the assignment on a paper template. Every student seemed to choose it (that’s 90 students x 5 texts to read through) and the default coping skill was Google translate on the first day.

      I also wish I had been able to do more of it in Spanish (the handouts, the explanations, etc), but I’m not quite skilled enough to explain meta cognition in Spanish…. yet!

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    • Spending three months on this book is a little scary for me! Is that normal–How do you find time to teach the rest of the curriculum??

      • Danette – for me, the books become my curriculum. I pull vocabulary and grammar from the books, I teach music and geography from the country in the novel, etc. However, I don’t always spend 3 months on a novel. In the fall, I read an easier leveled reader just for fun on Mondays. We translate more in the beginning so I know they comprehend, but as we get going the activity changes. We will have a vocabulary person for the annotated words, we have narrators and character voices. We often sit on the carpet to make reading time special, and we dim the overhead lights and use lamps. I do this to help teach my students to love reading, but I know it can be a scary change. I will say doing this was easy for me because I had Spanish 1-3 all to myself and my colleague and principal trusted me. I’m nervous because I will be teaching the same levels as other teachers next year for the first time ever and I will need to make sure my kids are good for the next teacher I hand my babies off to.

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