Bingo Images: reviewing a chapter with images


Bingo Images: reviewing a chapter with images | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

A while back I wrote a post, #CSCTFL15 Idea Share: Let’s bring BINGO back in vogue!, about different ways to incorporate bingo using Comprehensible Input (CI) in the world language classroom.  This week I used one of those ideas with a spin.  I keep thinking about how I can get students to listen to more repetitions from the book or how I can get them to reread a chapter in order to ensure better understanding.  So for this spin on bingo I displayed images and students read the 9-16 sentences on their bingo board to find the correct one.  I felt that this is would ensure each student was reading and rereading each of those sentences many times.  Students seemed to like this activity and I think it really helped them understand what they were reading by having the visuals there, too.

Here’s how it worked out:

  • I copied 9-16 of the most important sentences from the chapter in the target language (TL) we were working on.
  • I entered the sentences on a bingo generator.  (Here’s the website I used to create them although there are many other options.  This one allowed me to print two bingo cards on one sheet of paper and I liked that I could have some sentences a bigger font OR I could make them all the same size).
  • I drew one corresponding image for each sentence.
  • I showed the class the image on the screen using my iPevo (a cheap alternative to a doc cam).
  • I gave students a few moments to read through the sentences on their sheet and cross it off.
  • I asked a random student to tell me the sentence they had identified before moving on.
  • When a student thought that they had a bingo they had to read me the sentences – but in correct order of their occurrence in the chapter to get a prize for winning.  This ensured each had actually been used, students got to hear them one more time, and we had some thinking to put them in order (which also helped limit how much candy went out the door ;).

Here’s how I see tweaking it:

  • You could switch it so students have images on their cards.  This is one of the ideas I outlined in the previous post.
  • Figure out a way to get students to expand on the sentence they’ve read.  For example, ask them out loud what happened just before or just after.  I’m not sure how I could reward that though…
  • Have students cut out all the bingo squares at the end in put in order.
  • Ask students to translate portions into English for comprehension – either after putting all in order, picking out the top 3 most important, etc.
  • Allow students to make their own bingo set like this!  They’ve already drawn out chapters and they’ve already identified the most important elements of chapters… so why not let them copy some sentences out of the book and draw a corresponding image for each one?

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