Pictionary with Novels

Pictionary with Novels | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at SraDentlinger.wordpress.com

Pictionary with Novels | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at SraDentlinger.wordpress.com

This week I tried something new!  Right now Spanish 1 is in the middle of reading Tumba and Spanish 2 is working on Robo en la noche.  I have really made an attempt to vary our pre-reading activities that focus on vocabulary.  Sometimes we old school TPR, sometimes it’s Quizlet, and other times it’s PQA.  However, I’ve really been trying to think about how I can provide more reading input and listening input before we read.  By the time I reached Chapter 5 this week, the vocabulary I wanted to students to pick up had already appeared in previous chapters so I took this opportunity to capitalize on that by playing pictionary!


Here’s how I did it:

  1. I pulled out 6 of the most important sentences and put them in a Google Slide.
  2. Student A had their back to the projector and paper/pencil in their hands.
  3. Student B faced the projector and had one of my small whiteboards.
  4. Student B drew the sentence while Student B tried to figure out the sentence.
  5. After a minute or so, I asked 3 students (from Student A) to share what they had written down.
  6. I then shared the actual sentence and they copied it down correctly.
  7. Students A & B swapped and repeated.

Here’s some tweaks that could make this better in the future:

  • Add some fake sentences in the mix and have students identify which ones are very likely, possible, and not likely based on what they know about the book.
  • List the sentences out of order and have students put them in the most likely order.
  • Have them translate the sentences into English to demonstrate comprehension.

Please share below if you can think of other possible tweaks to improve this!

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