Bullfighting Unit: Day 3 – El Toro & El Torero

On our third day of our bullfighting unit I tried to tie up our info about El Toro while introducing some information about El Torero.

Day 3: Summing up El Toro and introducing El Torero.  Here was the lesson plan: 

– We used the first few images of El Cuento de Ferdinando. I displayed the images on the overhead (I ordered the book on Amazon last night, but you’re also able to view the first few pages on Amazon for free) and students described what they saw.

– Afterwords I showed my students the text that went along with the images we had written about.  We haven’t officially learned past tense but I was pleasantly surprised at how well they understood the story!  I hope to be able to incorporate the rest of the book into our lessons once it arrives.

– We then completed a Reading about Los Toreros.  First, I gave out a handout with only the reading to deter students from answering questions instead of participating.  We read popcorn style.  I stopped every so often to ask questions in Spanish, act certain sentences, and a few comprehension checks. After this, I gave students the worksheet that had the same reading and they worked on the questions on their own.

Here’s my disclaimer in here:  I am not a bullfighting expert! While creating this unit I am applying what I learned during my time abroad in Burgos, Spain as well as learning along with my students.  If you notice an error in any of these works, please contact me so I can correct it! 

7 thoughts on “Bullfighting Unit: Day 3 – El Toro & El Torero

  1. Heehee…I like the “Please note…names do not change” note. My students always got so frustrated about that. Ah, the memories 🙂 Smart to include the tag!

  2. Dear Sra. Detlinger, there is a wonderful Oscar winning Disney short in Spanish of Ferdinand, you can find it on Youtube, feel free to email me if you cannot find it.

    • I think most students are enjoying it. They loved seeing my (wretched) attempt at drawing the animals on Day 1. My Spanish 3s walked in wanting to know all about it and asking questions. The “Pin the bulls on the bull” was a hoot! I had non-Spanish students coming to check it out. I think even today students enjoyed learning about the “toreros” even though they didn’t necessarily like that it was a reading activity. I think my students will really like doing acting out a bullfight (just received my hat from Amazon today!).

      • That so exciting. It always feels great when students are into a unit you worked so hard to plan!

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