Unique Decoration Ideas

I’m rather proud of some unique decorating I’ve done this week in my room.

Idea #1: DESK Bulletins!

I have to confess that by starting my school with the Circling Balls Activity, I was so excited about speaking and reading all in the TL the first two weeks I simply didn’t teach my students some VERY important vocabulary.  For example, “no comprendo” and “repite, por favor.”  Horrible, right!?

After reading this post by Mr. Peto about how he posts phrases on the back of chairs in the front row, I began to wonder how I could possible utilize the desk space I have.  I remembered an English teacher last year who used clear packing tape to post the class rules (no food, only water, etc.) onto bright post-its on her desks.  So I mashed their two ideas together and came up with DESK BULLETIN BOARDS.


There are 3 desk bulletin boards:

– one for terms when students need help (indicated by sad face)

– one for terms when students are doing things right (indicated by smiley face)

– one for Spain-based slang terms (indicated by mustache face!)

I won’t admit I go into this without reservations.  I’m mostly worried about the condition of my desks should I remove the bulletins.  I also worry about students writing inappropriate things on them.

Idea #2: Windows of Knowledge! 

I’ve also realized I need to start adding weather, months, dates, etc.  I don’t want to have to add this to my digital vocab lists every time for every class.  I want to make it easier on me to teach these terms, so I want a set of posters I can point to.

A long time ago I read the Creative Language Class’ post about using all your space – windows, ceilings, everything!   So, I made my windows into bulletin boards!

Here’s window #1:

2013-08-30 14.31.45

(I cut out basic shapes, taped it onto the window, and labeled the items)

Here’s window #2:

2013-08-30 14.32.20

(All I did was take a whiteboard marker and wrote on the window – it simply wipes right off.  I promise!) 

I’ve decided I like window #1 better because it’s easier to read even though the picture doesn’t show that.  Students also like window #1 because the colors appear brighter.  The marker window (#2) is actually harder to see in person.  If they’re looking out either window, they’re hopefully learning something!  That’s my hope anyway.


Everyone keeps posting about their cognate walls.  I don’t have much wall space left, but I still loved the idea of a cognate wall.  I decided to put it on the ceiling right above students’ desks because it was unique.   I also have one particular hour that spends more time looking at the ceiling than I’d like to admit – so why not have them learning at the same time?!   I made a big letter and placed one letter per tile.  Students then found cognates today and we will put them up next week.  This could be very helpful during story time.

2013-08-30 14.32.56

So far, what I love best about these are that they’re placed in area students might look IF they’re bored.  So hopefully they’re still learning while they’re bored.

4 thoughts on “Unique Decoration Ideas

  1. I’m trying something similar to your desk bulletins this year. I’m using desk strips that have short little phrases that always seem to come up (I don’t know how many times kids have asked me how to say “I don’t care”…) and they seem to like them. No idea how they’ll hold up throughout the year, though.

    I love the cognate ceiling idea! That’s probably the only space left in my room that isn’t already covered in German or Latin… Might give it a try!

  2. I will be honest – the tape is already showing wear and tear after 3 days, but the students really do reference them! The cognate ceiling is really neat and adds lots of color. It also helps when students need to create a story!

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