#CIIA18 Presentation: 10×10

I used to reinvent the wheel all the time.  I’d scour the internet for new resources, spend hours creating some reading or new unit, and pretty much devoted myself to becoming a better Spanish teacher for the last 7 years.  I enjoyed what I was doing (I was learning SO much!) and it still left time to work on house projects with my husband.

However, since my baby’s arrival in October I have refocused my attention on living a more balanced life.  I wake up really early to go work out, I go teach for a while (blessings of a part time position), come home and spend time with my little one, and once she goes to bed I clean and/or do a little work on the computer.  Trying to live a more balanced life was my inspiration for my presentation for the 2018 Comprehensible Iowa Conference.

My presentation, titled 10×10, is a collection of 10 activities that can be prepped in roughly 10 minutes or less.  To prep each activity copy down the 10 most important sentences out of the story/chapter you’re working with (I recommend on a separate sheet of paper and NOT simply highlighting them in the book) and you’re good to go!

I love connecting with other world language educators!  Please feel free to add me on Google+tweet at me on Twitterlove my blog on Bloglovin’, and check out my pins on Pinterest!

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