Personal Trivia Baseball Activity for Weekend Discussions in the TL

Today was the start of my second semester.  I returned to school from maternity leave just after the new year and I have to confess I feel like I’m just treading water as I try to figure out what happened in my absence in addition to dealing with crazy schedules due to weather.

Today I was prepared to simply sit around and talk about our three day weekend.  My school is a Capturing Kids’ Hearts school so we’re supposed to share Good Things every day in all of our classes at the beginning of the period, but I’ve made some adjustments.  I have students share on Mondays (about what they did over the weekend) and Fridays (about what they are going to do).  I call this time Anuncios Positivos (Good News).  I’ve compiled a list of common vocabulary that I pull out and put on the board and most days we simply sit and chat.

However, today we were granted a two hour delay and I got to thinking about how I could spice up talking about the past few days.  I did a quick Google search for Icebreakers and came across this website with a bunch of different activities.  One in particular, Personal Trivia Baseball, caught my eye.  It was perfect for today!

Personal Trivia Baseball Activity for Weekend Discussions in the TL | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

Personal Trivia Baseball Activity for Weekend Discussions in the TL | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

Here’s the set-up:

  • { Before Class } I created this handout and printed it in two colors.  The different colors would later identify the two different teams.
  • { Before Class } I drew four baseball diamonds and taped them to the floor.
  • I passed out the handouts.  Student A got pink, Student B got white, Student C got pink and so forth.
  • On the handout, students were instructed to (1) write down four different and true  things they did this weekend in each space (2) put their initials in each space so I’d later know who did it.
  • The first student to finish with each color became the team captain.  The captains cut out their own four events.  It was then their job to collect their team mates events (after they were cut) and then the captains were to mix them up.  Captains then gave me their team’s pile and they sat down together in their teams.
  • The captains chose a representative to play rock-paper-scissor in Spanish to determine which team went first.
  • Players came up to the home plate and I read them one of the statements from the other team’s pile.  This is different from the original instructions which placed 1st base questions at first base, second base questions on second base, etc.  I let them know which base they were playing for (which was determined by the label on the paper) before I read the statement.  The student then had to guess who on the other team did the event.  If they were correct, they got to move to that base.  If they were wrong, it counted as one of their three outs.  Once the team got three outs we switched teams.

Here’s some of my observations and notes:

  • Students enjoyed the shake up and not simply talking about the weekend.
  • Encourage students to not be generic.  I know, I know.  Better said than done.  But seriously.  Having five people tell you they “watched football” makes for a complicated game when trying to determine if it counts or not…
  • Next time I will teach students appropriate baseball chants in the target language to scream while their peers are up at bat and cheers for when their opponents are up.
  • I did this activity in a 25 minute period.  It worked well for my class of 8 (4 member teams) but not well for my class of 30 (which was broken down into 3 teams). It was perfect for my class of 12 (teams of 6).
  • Male students especially liked this activity.
  • If you’ve played Two Truths & a Lie, emphasize that the four events should ALL be true about their weekend.
  • I acted out or made sounds to help students comprehend – especially level 1 kiddos.  Should my students know the vocabulary after working with it for a whole semester?  Yes, but I also have low level kids and I want them to comprehend, too.  This activity was more about community building than language comprehension for me.

I’m so pleased with this activity.  Now I’m left wondering… how can I tweak this for other activities like reading a novel or reviewing stories?  Share your suggestions if you have them!

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