End of the School Year Confessions

Yesterday I shared that I was officially on summer vacation and that this means I finally have time to share some of the things that went on in my classroom these past few months.  Today I’d like to share some of my 2017-2018 end of the year confessions in the hopes that you will realize I’m a normal, everyday teacher just like you!

  • I had to get a second job this spring to help pay the bills.  I was fortunate to get a good job in the activities department of a nursing home.  Although things like watching movies and doing puzzles with the elderly isn’t that physically demanding, it’s exhausting being out of the house for 12+ hours each day Monday through Friday.
  • I never told my Spanish 2 Quizbowl team that we were bumped down from 3rd place to 4th place due to a miscalculation of points the day of the competition.  They felt so awesome for being the only team from our school to place and I couldn’t take that away from them!
  • I assigned a project the last 9 days of class because I just couldn’t mentally invest anymore.  A day or two into the project, I realized it was way too much time butI didn’t mind as long as students were working, met each day’s goal, and not in my hair.
  • In addition to an activity tied to students reading clubs, I made students also do an activity from Martina Bex’s Independent Textivities packets for Los Baker van a Perú so I could use some of their activities (timelines, crossword puzzles, etc.) as main activities in class before moving on to the next chapter.  I’d call students up by the activity they chose and then choose the best after glancing it over to go make photocopies in the teacher’s lounge.
  • I applied for a handful of full time Spanish teaching jobs around the area and only even received a phone call from one.   Although I really want to be a full time teacher again, I’m happy to be returning to such a positive and progressive school!
  • I had a student failing up until yesterday even though I use CI and I am standards-based (meaning the student can do retakes).  The student had issues in another class which caused him to mentally tune out the month or so that we read Los Baker van a Perú.  After retaking some assessments twice (or even three times!), the student was still failing.  My deduction is that the student didn’t do their part to pay attention (one of the biggest indicators of TPRS/CI classes in my honest opinion) nor did they prepare on their own before retakes.
  • The last four days of class (and the weekend in-between) I didn’t have any hot water in my house nor AC!  Rough to feel your best when you haven’t had a hot shower in several days and you’re sweating in your sleep!  Before these issues started, we had called the fire department the week before because we had smoke in our basement from water build up.
  • I left most of my wall decor up on the walls as I walked out… even though some of it’s already falling down due to humidity levels.  My colleagues tell me there’s no official check list like I’m used to in the past so I moved my breakables to the counter and I got out of there!
  • This was probably my second most emotional ending to a school year.  My mother,  who lives 8 hours away in my home state of Michigan, has some health issues going on and my husband and I recently decided to rehome one of our dogs (something I thought I’d never do ever!).  Why is this only the second most emotional?  Because the worst were all tied to problems at school while these are in my private life.

Don’t let this list fool you – there were positive things about my end of the year, but sometimes it’s important to admit we’re all human!


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