Reading Activities Cube

School’s officially out for the summer!  Yippee!  One way I’d like to celebrate is by sharing some of the cool things that I’ve been doing and experiencing in my classroom these past few months while I’ve been absent from blogging.

This year I jumped on the literature circle train.  I have been looking for a way to spice up how I read Los Baker van a Perú for the past three years.  The first year I taught it I spiced it up by studying the Inca (which actually receive a very tiny mention in the text!) at the end and then last semester I used Martina Bex’s Independent Textivities packets so I didn’t have to come up with so many creative activities.  I don’t know what it is about this book – but it just seems like a pain to get through it every time!  Each year I’ve read the book whole-class style (reading class as a whole group, pausing to ask questions) until this year.  This year I was inspired by this post I’d read on Allison Wienhold’s blog (who was inspired partly by Carrie Toth’s Reading Club series).  I set my clubs up very similar to how Allison described so make sure to check out her post.  My Grupo Individual (students who prefer to work alone and read independently) had comprehension questions they answered, the Grupo Cooperativo (students who preferred working together while they read) had some creative activities, and the Grupo Alpha (struggling readers) read with me and answered oral comprehension questions as we went along.

The activity I am sharing today came from a last minute creative rush as I searched for an activity for students in the Grupo Cooperativo to work on for a chapter.  It’s crazy how some of my best ideas come when I’m in a time crunch!  I remembered once how I’d used a dice template for students to work on vocabulary back in my textbook days (kind of like this random example I found).  I also remember how students like the control they have in creating comprehension question while reading with this reading comprehension dice activity.  So I thought why not put some easy, low prep activities on a dice and let the kids go free!?

Here is the cube with activities I made for students to use.  The directions are in English because I wanted to eliminate as many reasons for the Grupo Cooperativo students to interrupt me while I was working with my Grupo Alpha students (interruptions was one of my struggling readers’ biggest complaints).  I printed them on cardstock so they’d hold up between classes.  Students seemed to like these activities, although I know that students skipped over the drawing activity because it was the only one that required them to get out materials.  I believe I asked students to go around in a circle three times at the end of reading the chapter, roll the dice each time it got to them and then do the activity.  I could easily see you asking the groups to do around after each paragraph, each page, etc. though.

Feel free to use this Reading Activities Cube!  To tweak the document, open the document in Google Slides by clicking here.  Go to FILE, click on MAKE A COPY and then you will have your own version that you will be able to tweak.  Feel free to comment and  share any activities you add or would add to the cube/dice!

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