#CIIA17 Comprehensible Iowa Conference

#CIIA17 Comprehensible Iowa Conference | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at SraDentlinger.wordpress.comLast summer was the first Comprehensible Iowa Conference in Nevada, IA.  The conference was so successful that we went on to incorporate many of its elements in the Comprehensible Midwest Conference held in Milwaukee later that same year.  I am extremely excited to be bringing back the Comprehensible Iowa Conference this summer!  The conference will be on Saturday, June 10th in Nevada, Iowa and features keynote speaker, Carrie Toth.  Carrie will be helping us create units through Understanding by Design.  I am also excited to share that Jim Tripp will be running a Beginner Workshop!  For more official details, check out the website and make sure to check out the blog page as we make important announcements regarding presenters, the schedule, etc.  Make sure to sign up by May 1st to join us for the early bird rate!

2 thoughts on “#CIIA17 Comprehensible Iowa Conference

    • Hi Torrey – the website is currently down as we switch to a new one. Google sites is pushing a new google site, and many of the features we relied on to run our conference were no longer working on the google site we started with. I appreciate your patience as I work on getting the new one up and running.

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