Tweaking Cerdos for TPRS Stories

Tweaking Cerdos for TPRS Stories | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

Tweaking Cerdos for TPRS Stories | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

Quite a while back I shared Cerdos: a vocabulary game, and I recently adapted it this week to help my students get some extra listening input with a story we used to review hayes, está, va, tiene, quiere, and le gusta.  First, I drew the story we had created together in order on a sheet of paper.  I then labeled different parts A, B, C, etc.  I read/said a sentence in Spanish and students (in pairs) competed against each other to correctly ID which image it was.  I then went around and asked various students in the target language which letter it was.  The correct student colored in the image to claim it as their own.  It was a big hit!

A couple of things: 

  • I had two students hand out the paper with the images and another handed out markers.  I trained them on what to say – “Un papel” and “Dos colores diferentes.”  Students can easily handle this job!
  • To get a partner, I simply asked in the TL with who do you want to work? and after they told me in the TL I let them come up to get their materials from my two helpers.
  • I labeled dialogues separately so I could make them think about the differences between “s/he has a diamond” and “Superman says *I have* a diamond.”
  • I printed the story on both sides so we could play twice.
  • If you want students to have more reading input instead of listening, consider typing up some sentences in a Powerpoint or Google Slide to display in front of the class.  This could be great to do to vary up the game if you have students play twice!

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