Elizabeth Dentlinger’s Favorite El Internado Quotes

Elizabeth Dentlinger's Favorite El Internado Quotes | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at Sra Dentlinger.wordpress.com

Last year I jumped on the El Internado bandwagon and began watching it with my Spanish 3 kids.  It really is worth all the hype!  More than half of the class binged watched it all in its entirety before we finished Season 1 as a class, and I myself became absolutely obsessed last summer when we heard Netflix was canceling it.  As I got deeper and deeper into it, particular sayings kept resonating with me so I began to collect them.  My top 13 favorite quotes can be found here.  I thought I’d be able to post them on my wall to reference when watching in the future, but I have to confess El Internado with Spanish 2 at my new school last semester did NOT go well… so I might not try it again for a while.  So on Monday I’ll put them up near my desk for fond memories and perhaps to convince me to try again.  Who knows!

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