Advocacy Idea: Recommendation Pictures

I wanted to share a spur of the moment idea that occurred today that you might be able to use if: (1) you read with your students; (2) you share pictures from your classroom with the outside world.

Today my students were working on an IPA with the song La Lista by Aldrey and I needed something for students who finished earlier to work on instead of sitting there on their cell phones.  I decided to ask them to do some FVR (Free Voluntary Reading) – something I quickly ditched after I ineffectively implemented it last semester.  So many pleasant surprises this time around!  I went around asking students if they understood a lot, some/a little, or not at all and most kids said they understand either a lot or some/a little.  They were reading mostly Clifford and Disney books.  I then went around and asked if they recommended the book or not – and many said yes that they recommended them!  I snapped a quick picture of them with the book and a thumbs up or thumbs down to post on Twitter using the school’s hashtag with a Spanish sentence.  If your school doesn’t use a hashtag to promote what’s going on in the school district or they discourage you from sharing images of your students on Twitter, consider using them in an email home to notify parents and guardians about what you’re doing in your room or sending them out in newsletter.

This actually reminds me of the time I had each class grab a copy of the novel and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to sum up their overall analysis after completing an official book review.  I love when I’m able to have students show their opinion with a visual because it’s so easy for non-Spanish speakers (like parents!) to get the gist of the message.  It also reminds me of this advocacy idea I shared a while back because it suggests to viewers (in my case, other students) that they should take Spanish so they can read these books or (to other staff members) that my kids are engaged in Spanish class.

Now my brain is swirling with other things I can take pictures (or better yet – videos!) of my students recommending (or not recommending) to share!  What comes to your mind?

Advocacy Idea: Recommendation Pictures | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

Advocacy Idea: Recommendation Pictures | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at


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