La canción de la semana: La Lista por Aldrey

Yesterday I shared some confessions about Spanish 2 and I’m continuing the trend today.  Last semester I attempted to teach my students a Spanish song because I heard they were really into Spanish songs in Spanish 1, but the scowls began as soon as I turned the song on.   Even the somewhat positive ones!  I don’t even remember what the song was – but I do remember thinking, “How can they hate this song?  It was a BIG hit at my last school!”  So I threw out the music and focused on other things.

This semester I am taking a proactive role.  I sent out a plea on Twitter for a GREAT song I could use to get my students addicted hook, line, and sinker.  In case you’re looking for some ideas yourself, here’s the list of top hits that others shared with me.

It was so hard to pick a song to focus on with so many good submissions, but I decided to use La Lista by Aldrey because I found it personally catchy.  Inspired by many of Kara Jacobspresentations, I made a presentation about Aldrey and then created a packet with activities we could do with the song.  Activity 1 is listening to the song and filling in with Spanish 1 level verbs, Activity 2 is matching 5 phrases in the song to the most appropriate image, Activity 3 has students practicing using, Activity 4 asks them to read the lyrics on and create a mini-dictionary with new vocabulary for them, and Activity 5 is an IPA Interpretive Reading/Listening Assignment.

La canción de la semana: La Lista por Aldrey | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

La canción de la semana: La Lista por Aldrey | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

If you’re considering using La Lista in class, consider these other ideas or resources:

I highly recommend you check out this song for your classes!  Students were singing the SECOND time listening to it (right after doing the cloze activity) and I caught a student in 3rd block saying “I LOVE Spanish songs!”

18 thoughts on “La canción de la semana: La Lista por Aldrey

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  4. Hola! I was wondering how you incorporate working through the packet into each day? Do you do this throughout the week at the beginning of class or do you do it all in one day?

    • Good question! I do 1 or 2 activities a day so they hear it a lot throughout the week. It’s also the song I play at the start of class and during any work time. I want to give them a LOT of exposure and not a one and done experience.

      • That makes sense! I have been struggling with my music at the beginning of class method and want a new way to get the students more involved. The past 2.5 years I have been giving them a song for about 3/4 weeks and they get the lyrics at the beginning, we go over the translation, then they sing it at the beginning off class every day. After 3/4 weeks we take a cloze type quiz that I thought was a listening quiz, but I think it is more of a memorization of the lyrics quiz. Also the upper level students who have been doing it for 3 years now are bored of it and I tried taking away the quizzes but none of them really sing except the ones that really care and the others chat or things during the song. SO I have been watching them and trying to brainstorm what to do. I also have 43 minute class periods so don’t want something that takes up a ton of class time at the beginning. Do you your packet/way of doing it is good at keeping student interest? How do you get them to do it/make sure they follow along? Do you grade it? I LOVE using music and want it to be fun and enjoyable for my students, but I want them to learn vocab and language functions from the songs at the same time and that is where my method definitely falls short!

      • I would have to agree that if they’ve listened to it for 3 or 4 weeks already it’s probably not a true listening assessment. It’s great that you’ve got your kids singing – I try and get mine to sing the chorus or truly poetic lines, but I don’t require it. I worry like you that they would not like it and it would be a waste of time. If they’re wasting time when you play the song I would definitely suggest you give them some activities and play the music while they work. It’s subconscious repetitions! I also put the video up on the screen if the hard workers finish early. My kids for the most part are engaged in all the packet activities but I don’t collect the entire packet for a grade – just the Interpretive Assessment. The first week they had it all together but this week I’m not giving them the Interpretive Assessment until the day of. One bonus you could do is allow them to use their packets on the Interpretive Assessment if you’re going to give them one. It’s still not quite a true assessment then… but we have to live in a balanced world!

  5. Thanks for suggesting these ideas and posting activities! I use a lot of music but I don’t do any activities with them. I am definitely going to try this out! What do you put in your presentation on the singer? I clicked on the link and get activities for the song but not really information about the singer. Do you talk about the artist before introducing the song?
    Thanks again 🙂

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  7. I’ve been using this song for a few years but just found your activities today. Oh, my goodness, this is wonderful. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I am so thankful.

  8. I am allowed to share some of these resources with a facebook group that will be using this song for march madness bracket?

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