Dentlinger’s 2016 Highlights


As I sit at home this week, trying to balance going out to get some good post-holiday deals in the store and staying at home to help out my wallet, I keep seeing all of the memes about how 2016 was so awful.  I roll my eyes because 2016 was such a GREAT year for me professionally!  Without further adieu, here are my 2016 highlights:

  1. Taking my students to Spanish Quizbowl and tying for second!  Although it will be with a new group of students from a new school, I am excited to head back next spring!
  2. Obtaining my new job!  I recently shared with someone that I was astonished that I had only taken two (genuine) sick days this school year, because at my previous school I would take a lot more than that because I just couldn’t deal with the negative vibes.  I’d wake up, turn over to my husband and say, “I just can’t do it today.” I cannot tell you just how lucky and grateful I feel to be teaching at my new school!
  3. Graduating with my Master’s of Education in World Language Instruction from Concordia College.  Now that I’m done, I’m eagerly looking for my next educational endeavor while reminding myself it’s OK to focus my efforts elsewhere for a little while.
  4. Successfully executing the Comprehensible Iowa Conference and then later the Comprehensible Midwest Conference.  It felt so good to help other teachers on their journey to discovering Comprehensible Input and to be truthful I enjoy helping with the social media part of conferences.  Although I’m unsure of wha the plans are for a future Comprehensible Midwest Conference, Kim Huegerich (from the  The Active Learner and my new work colleague!) and I are working on the next Comprehensible Iowa Conference.  We hope to begin releasing details soon!
  5. Becoming the Vice President of the Iowa World Language Association.  It is such an honor that the IWLA delegates want me to help lead for the next four years.  I really hope I don’t disappoint.

A special thanks to Amanda D’Amico Smith at Daisy Designs TPT for inspiring this post and for the central image found above!

I love connecting with other world language educators!  Please feel free to add me on Google+, tweet at me on Twitter, love my blog on Bloglovin’, and check out my pins on Pinterest!


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