Organizing Classroom Jobs

Organizing Classroom Jobs | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

Organizing Classroom Jobs | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

I am a BIG fan of everything Bryce Hedstrom!  He has the most calming soul and tackles topics most teaching presenters are afraid to tackle: classroom management.  I was fortunate enough to get to learn about rituals, persona especial, and classroom jobs from Bryce at #iFLT16.  This is the first year I’ve attempted to bring classroom jobs into my classes.  I’ve often thought about how Bryce said that we’re the ones with Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degrees… so we shouldn’t be spending our time alphabetizing piles of work.  So I’ve thought of jobs that I don’t particularly enjoy or do a great job at.  I currently have a password keeper (door guard), a phone answerer (it’s so hard to get through all the bodies in my tiny class when the phone rings!), a birthday checker (sadly, I’m horrible at checking the bulletin board I have by date), and an open-ended question translator (reserved for a student who struggles to remain engaged during questions) .  I tried out a job where someone lead us off in the sneeze salud, amor, dinero sayings but it didn’t take well.  The Boss (El Jefe) comes and goes and unfortunately isn’t a staple in my classroom.  I’m hoping to refine the jobs that are successful and add to them for next semester when I get a fresh batch of kiddos.

I remember one attendee in Bryce’s session that covered classroom jobs asking how he assigns them.  Bryce responded that some jobs are created/inspired by specific children so that they keep those jobs, but other than that he didn’t have a good way of organizing (or reassigning?) them.  As I recently changed my seating chart, I am reminded that I have a simply solution – have your jobs be tied to the chair/desk!  My password checker/door guard the closest to the door, my phone answerer is the one closest to the phone, etc.  I physically write the job in on my seating chart so that I can keep it in mind when I write my new seating chart.  I do this because it reminds me of these jobs and can utilize them more often, and also because some of these jobs ask for certain personality types.

I am unsure how well this would work if you have bigger classes and want each student to have a job… but I guess anything is doable!

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