#SocialMediaGoals at Central States 2017

Holy smokes has it been a long time since I’ve blogged!  Many of you probably know I was the Communications Director for the very first Comprehensible Midwest Conference that happened this past Saturday in Milwaukee, WI.  There was so much awesomeness to promote on the Facebook page and Twitter account about the conference I ran out of time to maintain my personal accounts.  If you did not know about this incredible professional development opportunity, please consider following the conference on these platforms so you receive future news about events.

The Comprehensible Midwest Conference has not been the only social media that kept me busy the past few months.  I also ran the social media for CI: Comprehensible Iowa this past summer after my buddy Jason Noble (tweeter: @senornoble; blogger: senornoble.blogspot.com) and I spent over a year amping up the Iowa World Language Association’s social media presence.  Jason and I have learned SO much about how to use social media to our organizations’ advantages.  I love the challenge of creating something visually appealing, crafting a well written message, and responding quickly.  Jason has really in-depth knowledge about the logistics of Facebook and knows how to get us high numbers.


#SocialMediaGoals at Central States 2017 | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at SraDentlinger.wordpress.com


So without further adieu, I am happy to announce my buddy Jason and I will presenting a workshop called #SocialMediaGoals at Central States in Chicago on Friday, March 10th from 1:30-4:30pm.  This workshop is intended for attendees who are involved in world language organizations and would like to expand their organization’s reach via social media.  Here’s our official description: “This workshop is for those involved in their state organizations who are looking to expand their organization’s reach through social media. The presenters will focus on advocating and engaging through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. In addition to specific social media initiatives, guidelines for a social media team will be shared. As workshop attendees will receive assistance with their accounts, they should come to the workshop with: (1) a Wi-Fi compatible device; (2) login information for current social media accounts; (3) an email for which all social media is or will be set-up with.”

Please consider joining us for this workshop!  We promise you’ll leave with really good information and ready to attack social media.

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