Snapchat – Cubism Filter


Snapchat: Cubism Filter! | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

Allison Wienhold (twitter: @SraWienhold; blog: wrote a great post awhile back about using Snapchat for the world language class.  I remember reading the post, but after downloading the app I couldn’t quite figure it out… until speech season this past spring and my speech kiddos taught me how to Snapchat at a competition.   I’ve spent the summer checking out the filters and waiting for one that I could use in my lessons.  Today is the day!  Snapchat has a Cubism filter!  This is a great resource for those of you with art units and those of you that learn about Pablo Picasso with your kids.  Although there are common filters (meaning they appear to be there every day), others are special and rotate (meaning they are only there for a day but could come back later) so I highly recommend you take advantage of this filter today if you want to capitalize on it!

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