#langbook: The Keys to Planning for Learning by Clementi and Terrill

Are you looking for some relevant, free, and nearby PD this summer?  Then #langbook is the thing for you!  #langbook is a summer book study that I believe blossomed on #langchat after some  teachers lamented the break from #langchat.  Laura Sextion (twitter: @SraSpanglish; blog: pblinthetl.com) has done a FANTASTIC job organizing the whole experience.  Make sure to give her a special thank you!

This summer the #langcamp community (which is hosted in this Google+ Community)  will read and discuss The Keys to Planning for Learning by Donna Clementi and Laura Terrill.  While the book was not on my reading list for AMLA 600 at Concordia College, it was added the year after.  My peers were fortunate to have Donna Clementi herself come to discuss the publication and its ideas with them.  Everyone was so excited after spending the a few days with her and everyone highly recommended the text.  Now is my chance to work through it!

Here’s the topics and their respective dates:

Please join the #langcamp community, check out the posts related to the Professional Book Club, and RSVP to the individual Hangouts (linked above in the list) so you don’t miss out this summer!

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