Bloglovin’: the time saver for blog lovers

Bloglovin': the time saver for blog lovers | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

Bloglovin’: the time saver for blog lovers | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

I was recently at Martina Bex’s 2 day workshop in Lincoln, NE.  First of all, I want to thank the Nebraska Department of Education and the Lincoln Public School system for not only sponsoring the FREE event for their teachers, but for opening it up for FREE to out-of-state teachers, as well.  I admire Nebraska’s acknowledgement of world languages and their desire to help my world language colleagues.  I would love to see opportunities like these come to Iowa.  I would also like to thank the incredible Martina Bex for sharing her awesomeness and CI knowledge with us.  If there was one teacher I’d love to be more like it would probably be her!

One thing I love about Martina is her wicked knowledge of who invented what CI or TPRS method/skill and its origins.  Martina is great about giving credit where credit is due, and she shared SO many great language teaching blogs or websites with us.  I truly should have kept a list because there were so many great ones that it could warrant its own blog post.

At some point Martina referenced my own blog and I had several teachers ask me about blogging during the breaks.  Some wanted to know how to begin blogging.  If you fall into that category, check out this previous post.  Others asked me how I decide what to blog about.  Frankly put, I only blog when I have an idea I think others would find valuable.  I know others set up a weekly thing.  For example, posting a song they use in class on Monday for a #MusicMonday kind of thing or a reflection every Friday.  The best advice I have is to find something that interests you and works for you!

Other attendees asked how it was possible to keep up with so many different blogs. Four years ago I used to scour through Twitter and then favorite every blog my main bloggers recommended – but technology has since made life easier!  Bloglovin’ is a website that allows you to follow blogs regardless if they’re hosted on wordpress, blogspot, etc.  You simply search within Bloglovin’ for the blog you want to follow and click on the FOLLOW button.  Directly after you’ve followed the blog, Bloglovin’ will recommend similar blogs.  You can follow those but don’t necessarily have to.  Once you’ve followed all the blogs you are interested in, click on MY FEED in the top left and you will have a feed (similar to your Facebook feed) of the blogs you’re interested in. If you’d like to join my 96 bloglovers followers on Bloglovin’ follow this link.

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