Email Tip: GMAIL Stationary

After my recent post about how valuable Mail Track for GMAIL is to me, I wanted to share another tip I’ve recently discovered: stationary!  I never knew stationery in emails was a thing until the online institution I began working for recently asked me to create one for emails I send related to my work for them.  It was so easy and simple that I decided to make one for my full time job as well, and because I’m addicted to creating new things I began creating stationery templates for all of the organizations I am a part of.  Check out this basic template I created for #CIIA16 related emails:

EMAIL TIP: GMAIL Stationary | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

EMAIL TIP: GMAIL Stationary | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at

Here’s what I love about the stationary:

  • the logo at the top of the email – it makes the email feel so much more important!
  • being able to insert hyperlinks to important links related to the organization beneath the logo – what a time saver to just insert those must-have links there, ready to go!
  • copying and pasting fonts into the stationary to be used later.  I don’t love GMAIL’s go-to fonts and this is an easy work around.
  • being able to have different signatures depending on who I am emailing on behalf of.  I often keep the same titles and institutions listed, but I can change order and remove some when they’re not appropriate.

The only thing that irks me is that the name I save it as (for the template) is the subject line, and sometimes I forget to erase the subject and write something more relevant.  Oopsies!

Click here to follow along with a video and set-up stationery for your own GMAIL account!

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