Unit: La sostenibilidad – día 3

Unit: la sostenibilidad | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at SraDentlinger.wordpress.com

Unit: la sostenibilidad | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at SraDentlinger.wordpress.com

As I mentioned in my día 2 post of my sustainability unit, I began the third day with comprehensible phrases about the article we had read together the previous day.

We then delved into an article called Las 10 definiciones que debes conocer from a website called EcoInteligencia.  EcoInteligencia is a great resource for Spanish teachers looking for sustainability #authres!

Students worked through the article using SQ3R, which is a reading strategy that my school asked all teachers to use two years ago. We aren’t still required to use it, but I like to pull it out every once in awhile.  When students complete SQ3R, they first survey what they are reading in order to predict what they will read about, create relevant questions that they would like answered, read the text while answering the questions, recite only the most important information into a paragraph’s length, and then review the content afterwards. I have adapted this activity to fit my classroom. I generate questions for students to think about while they survey the text and I also make questions for them to answer for the question section. These questions are in Spanish, but I have my students do the recite portion in English to demonstrate their understanding of the Spanish words they write down.  Here is the SQ3R worksheet I created based on the aforementioned article.

We ended up working on the Survey section together to help prepare students for what they were about to read.  Students did relatively well on this part!  They really worked together and various students stepped up at different times as we worked through the questions.  It really helped to display the article on the projector while students followed along with a paper version.

Students worked on the Questions, Read, and Recite sections on their own.

For the most part, students could answer the questions well on their own, but they struggled on the Recite section.  Most students put vague statements about sustainability (Ex: it’s important to do for the world), instead of reviewing the information they answered in the questions.  As such, I reworded the prompt in the section to help future students review the information contained in the Questions section and not the entire article.

Today went much better than yesterday, but I’m ready to delve into the interpretive listening activities!


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