Dentlinger’s #iwla15 Presentation: #HackYourClassroom

This weekend I presented my first solo session for the Iowa World Language Association Fall Conference.  I wanted to present on something that both TPRS/CI teachers and traditional teachers could benefit from.  I also wanted to help teachers who tech-less, as well as possibly help those who wanted to take the next step and actually use authentic social media in the classroom.

Here is the description of the presentation: “The presenter will show examples of various activities using social media that teachers are able to use despite a lack of technology in the classroom, make arguments for using social media in the classroom to bring to your administrator(s) on Monday, and provide tips for implementing social media in an authentic manner. Attendees will leave with paper templates that are ready for use the first day back.”

Here is the link to the presentation: Elizabeth Dentlinger’s #iwla15 Presentation: #HackYourClassroom

Please feel free to use the ideas and information in the presentation and/or share with your colleagues.  However, do NOT present the ideas within as your own (please, please, please credit those I cited within – they’ve worked hard for their ideas!), give this presentation as your own, or try to sell this in any way.  Thank you!

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