Tech-Savvy Tip: Blendspace

As my school is now 1:1 at the high school level, I feel pressured to use more and more technology.  As I utilize more technology, I am finding it difficult to keep everything organized for students – let alone myself!  My first attempt to organize my technology was to use a site like to shorten the URLs for students to copy easier.  Despite making easier links for students to type, there were still several students who would struggle to correct their spelling and I would have to walk around and fix it for them.  I then started posting the link with the day’s agenda in Google Classroom for all to click on.  However, I feel these agenda’s look sloppy with all the URLs posted in there.

On my drive in this week, I was thinking about what could help my situation.  I suddenly remembered a website called Blendspace that my student teacher, Marco, used last year.  Marco had a written warm-up, a reading activity, a listening activity using a video, and a quiz at the end of the lesson.  It was brilliant!

Blendspace allows you to add text and quizzes into the board.  It also hosts videos, pictures, URL links, and documents.  It is sort of like a Pinterest board for class activities.  The board starts with 6 spaces, but you can add more rows to have many more items if needed.

I plan to use it next week when I plan to have a sub, so that everything is all in one place for the sub.

Make sure to check it out!

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