Teaching Classes in the TL

My Spanish 2 students are starting the year off by reading Mira Canion’s Tumba.  I purchased the Teacher’s Guide and was pleasantly surprised to find Essential Questions (EQ) and I Can statements for each chapters.  On a whiteboard near my desk, I write the EQ for the novel/unit, then the I Cans for the chapter and then the daily activities beneath that.  Once students are fully able to complete all the I Can statements I move on.

After completing Chapter 1, I was horrified to find my students couldn’t talk a lot about school and their classes!  I’m not sure exactly why, but I knew I needed to correct it.

So here are some extra activities we completed:

  • Kahoot!: I made a quick Kahoot game, using basic class titles (ciencias, la historia, etc.) and asked which teacher taught the class.  This activity warmed students up the basic vocabulary before I introduced to harder vocabulary.  I could also get some reps in of primero, segundo, etc.when talking about which students were on the screen.
  • Las categorías de las clases: I printed up a list of all the actual classes we offer.  Instead of matemáticas, students had álebra and geometría. For my first class I gave students the list jumbled up and then asked them to make their own categories.  This did NOT go well.  Students struggled to understand that they should/could all have different categories from another.  I pretty much created every possible category combo I could think of, and students ended up copying the same one.  The second time, I gave students the categories and had students ask a partner questions that fit the category.  This went much better, and it got my extremely quiet class talking to each other.  I got in some extra vocabulary while describing what each pair should have.
  • ¿Son similares o diferentes?: On the second day, I asked students to tell me if random pairings of classes were similar or different from each other.  They then had to tell me why.  Most students were able to tell me which category they fell under, and others described what each class studied.
  • Una competencia en los pasillos: I printed the longer class list in a bigger font.  Students got into groups (which I put together in preparation for playing Classcraft), elected one leader, leaders came up to me, I dealt each group classes until I was out and they had an equal amount.  Students then wrote their group’s initial on the paper.  Each group received tape.  They had to link arms and race through the hallway putting the correct class with the correct teacher.  After, I took the class on a little field trip and we talked/discussed which classes were where.
  • Una carta: I found out Allison Wienhold’s Spanish 2 students are also using Tumba right now, and so students wrote a rough draft that included information about their classes.  They need to polish them up and then we will send them off!  I’ve never done a penpal activity before, and I’m excited.  I even had a student stop by after school to tell me that he was excited, too!
Teaching Class in the TL | 5 activities to teach course vocabulary | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at sradentlinger.wordpress.com

Teaching Class in the TL | 5 activities to teach course vocabulary | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at sradentlinger.wordpress.com

Hope some of these activities helps someone in the future!

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