How to Pinterest your Twitter with #Hashtags

This post grew out of a frustration for how to make Twitter work better for me.  While attending #CSCTFL15, I went out to dinner with some other teachers who blog, tweet, etc.  The topic of favoriting in Twitter came up.  I had always thought if you favorite a tweet that you were saving the info/idea for later.  While many others informed me that this was their thought as well, I also learned that other tweeters thought of favoriting a tweet as the same thing as liking on Facebook.  I have since gone on a favoriting rampage.  Why?  I don’t really know.  But I did it.  Now, I’m trying to figure out how to access the tweets that I was genuinely interested in.

So it was perfect timing with Maria Moreno (@Maestra_Moreno) quoted one of my tweets with a bizarre hashtag.  I was puzzled because I had never seen the hashtag before.  My former Nancy Drew-loving self put my detective skills to work and I looked at her other tweets. I saw she had quoted others, some with the same hashtag and some with different, yet similar, hashtags.  It suddenly dawned on me: she was Pinteresting her Twitter.  She had created her own unique hashtag in order to organize different things she was interested in for her classroom.  For example, she created the #morenosssl hashtag for Spanish Social Studies Lessons.  She began by sending out a tweet with what her hashtag was for, and then she quoted materials, resources, and ideas she wanted to use for that purpose.  Later, she can search her own hashtag and it’s full of resources that she wants to use.  Her hashtags are her Pinterest boards.  It’s brilliant!

You could favorite the resource in your Internet browser, save them in an app like Evernote, or actually pin the resource in your Pinterest board; however, it might just be easier and faster to create your own unique hashtags on Twitter.  I plan to give it a try.  Hopefully you will, too!

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