#AuthRes: Picasso (and other Argentine) Comics

As I shared a couple of days ago, I was scouring the internet for inspiration for a Pablo Picasso unit.  I found some great Picasso activities that were perfect for a sub day, but the truth of the matter is that there are SOOOO many more awesome Pablo Picasso resources!  Today’s #authres (authentic resource) is no exception.

@PorLiniers is an Argentine comic artist who has various series you can follow, one of which is called Cosas que a lo mejor le pasaron a Picasso!  Most of my favorites are the ones that include Guernica, but there are some great references to Cubism, being a genius, and Hemingway.

Make sure to check out @PorLiniers’ other cartoons as well.  I really like the Duendes cartoons because I have a thing for gnomes!  Martin y Olga comes highly recommended.  Olga is a big blue monster, which only says its name.  Although, very recently Olga said something that wasn’t Olga and the hashtag #OlgaGate was born.  Now that would make an interesting lesson!

A special thanks to Ben (@SenorGensler) of my Master’s program for sharing these resources!

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