Hands-On Early Finisher Activites

Someone recently commented on my Boggle for Early Finishers post, reminding me that I’ve added some hands-on activities for students.  Here’s a picture of the items and a description follows below:

Hands-On Early Finisher Activities | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at sradentlinger.wordpress.com

Hands-On Early Finisher Activities | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at sradentlinger.wordpress.com

  1. Triqui: Or in English: Tic-Tac-Toe.  I found this version with Mafalda pieces at the Concordia Language Village’s I-Day Celebration.  I love that there’s a cultural factor by using Mafalda.  In case you didn’t know, Mafalda is a famous Argentinian cartoon.  I also think it’s unique because it has game pieces.
  2. Baleros: Students let the oval wooden piece dangle, then toss it up into the air in an attempt to get the stick into a small hole on the bottom of the oval.  I also found these at the I-Day Celebration, but I do know you can buy them elsewhere!  They’re pretty common.
  3. Rompecabezas de madera:  These are wooden puzzles that I found in Belize.  Students LOVE these!  One boy spent an hour trying to figure one out.  They’re great for future engineers and the like.  I only bought two, but have intentions of acquiring more wooden puzzles soon to add to the collection.

I keep the activities on the counter in the back corner of my room.  This is also where I keep the turn-in tray, so it’s right by the tray for when students are done and it’s out of the way so that students who want to play are not distracting too many others.  However, working students can sometimes get distracted if the early finishers get too excited.  I admit it’s not flawless!

One thing I would like to do to improve the relevance of these activities is to create a short Spanish reading about the game, how to play, and a picture of the wooden puzzles are supposed to look when completed.  I also want to add a puzzle of a Spanish artist for students to put together collaboratively.

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