Sub Plans: Pablo Picasso

My final project for my summer coursework is to create a unit of Content-Based Instruction (CBI).  Let me tell you – I am drinking the Kool-Aid!  I think it can lend itself well to both traditional and TPRS/CI world language teachers.  I am planning to complete my Capstone Project based on what I have learned in this course.

For my final project (for these courses, not for my Capstone Project!) I decided to create a basic art unit for my students that I hope to use to ease my students in to the soon-to-be-released TPRS Publishing novel about Friday Kahlo.  I picked three art genres to teach my students about (Cubism, Surrealism, and Murals) and then honed in on one artist’s life story from each genre (Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, and Diego Rivera).  I’ve always said Diego and Frida warranted their own TV series because their lives were fascinating, but holy cow!  Picasso and Dalí deserve their own as well!

I took to Pinterest and searched for some activity inspiration for Picasso.  I found a lot of great ideas (now pinned to my Pablo Picasso board) that I plan to use in the unit; however, I found a lot of great ideas that could be left behind for a sub plan!  Here are some examples:

  1. Cubes about Cubism:  IDEAS for Teaching created Cubes about Cubism: An Innovative Inferential Reading Activity about Picasso.  Students read some very basic details about Picasso, and then students answer questions on a cube template based on the reading.  It IS in English and it is listed for grades 1 + 2, but I think it could easily be expanded and put into Spanish.  It would be great to figure out a game for students to play with the cube after.
  2. Tira un Picasso: I saw many versions of this activity, most of which can be found on my Pablo Picasso board.  The idea is that you give students facial elements (that are Cubist in nature) for students to put together to create their own Cubism portrait.  I like the many artistic options this activity has,  but I best like Mrs. Humpal’s Roll-A-Dice version from her blog.  She also shared a Roll-A-Miro version, which adds some contrast for students or could be an extension for early finishers.

I hope to make some Picasso inspired sub plans of my own, but I think these two activities are decent enough to print out for an unplanned sub day.  I hope these activities are helpful to you OR that they inspire you to teach about Picasso!

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