Goal for my Master’s Capstone Project

Many long time readers know that I am working on my Master’s in World Language Instruction through Concordia College.  It’s crazy to think I only have 13 more days until I am done with all my courses.  If you would like to check out snippets from our recent courses on Content Based Instruction, Language Immersion, or Assessment, make sure to check out the #cordmedwl on Twitter!  My colleagues and I have shared many insights into the program.

This means I can begin working on a thesis or a capstone project.  Concordia now offers both options, but this program has completely prepared me for both options.  While the challenge (and accomplishment!) of completing a Master’s is enticing, I have decided to complete the Capstone Project.  Some things that have led me to choose this avenue are the fact that it is supposed to be a similar process to that of National Board Certification (which will probably be one of my next ventures), I will have to create a new unit to teach my students (which is one of my very favorite things!!!), my most recent classes already had me complete very similar tasks included in the project, and I feel that what I will create would be something presentable.

So here I am, declaring that my main goal for this project is to create something that is good enough to present at #iwla16 and share with you all.  Hope to see you in my session when the time comes!

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