Summer Crafting 2015

I got a little behind on my Inca Unit lesson plans… whoops!  I was still in teacher mode the first few days of summer vacation, but then my brand new MAC was having fan problems and needed to be sent in for repairs.  So I began indulging my creative side!

You see, I am a Professional Pinterest-er Wannabe.

I finally have time to cook all of the gourmet meals I have saved, to sew my own quilt AND baby quilts for all those new babies-to-be in my life, to do woodworking with my husband, to love up on my furbabies, and to dabble in photography.  Here’s the proof:


Did I mention I was also taking a graduate level Spanish class and just started helping the Iowa World Language Association with social media?  (Side note: if you’re in Iowa, make sure to follow the IWLA on Facebook and Twitter, too!  There’s a Fall 2015 Conference Registration Giveaway starting tomorrow.  You could be a winner!)

My goal for all my readers is to have the third and fourth days of the Inca Unit posted this week because next week I head to Bemidji, Minnesota for my Master’s through Concordia College of Moorhead.  Wish me luck!

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