Canción: La Llorona por Chavela Vargas

I wanted to share a song that one of my Spanish 1 students discovered while completing her Costa Rican-based Music Project (you can read/view the project here).  They loved it so much they came to my classroom on the last day, begging to play it on the PA system at school.   As all testing was done I gladly encouraged them!

The song is called La Llorona by Chavela Vargas. It would make a great addition to any legend or myth unit, the novel La llorona de Mazatlán by TPRS Publishing, or would be terrific around Halloween time as it’s somewhat haunting.  I think it could be worked into a Day

There are multiple versions of this song.  My students’ favorite version was this long one (warning: it’s VERY long and images are of Frida Kahlo and her artwork – so use discretion if/when you show students!), but I believe this is the official version (this video includes lyrics).

Make sure to add it to your youtube playlists today, or consider using Purify to limit inappropriate clips from showing up in class.

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