“Purify” your Youtube Clips!

While at the Café Latino two weekends ago, one attendee shared Purify.  Purify allows you to show Youtube videos/clips without comments, ads, or any other distractions (like the 10 possibly inappropriate recommended videos).  No more random nudes or viral clips, like the Narwhal song, popping up at the end of a song or MovieTalk to distract your students!

In the past two weeks, I have become Purify’s biggest fan.  Here is why:

– It allows you to enlarge to full screen.  Some other services do not allow this.

– Purify added an easy “Purify” button at the top of my Internet browser.  All I do is find it the clip I want on Youtube and hit Purify!

– Purify allows me to play Youtube’s subtitles if they are provided on Youtube.

If you decide you like Purify, I highly recommend you visit www.viewpure.com and add the “Purify” button to your bookmarks bar.  This allows you to simply hit the button the next time you are watching a Youtube video you want to “purify” and voilá!  It does all the work for you!


6 thoughts on ““Purify” your Youtube Clips!

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