#CSCTFL15 Idea Share: World Language Standards Based Resources

The first two #csctfl15 ideas I wrote about I feel like are easily implemented.  In fact, I began both as soon as I got back to school on Monday!  This share is not so quickly and easily carried out; however, it is now the carrot that is dangling in front of me.

Kim Lackey and Julie Weitzel headed both workshops and presentations on Standards Based Grading, SBG, in the World Language Classroom.  Denise Pahl is also listed on their website, but I am unsure if she was there as she was not at my session.  I attended their “A Standards-Based Unit: From Start to Finish!” presentation.  Check out their presentation here and their additional relevant resources from their presentation here.

I have never seen a more perfect example of what I think SBG should be.  They pick a cultural theme, such as El Cine, and build everything around it.   Students are handed a sheet at the beginning of the unit so they know what they are suppose to learn/demonstrate at the end (found on page 10 of their presentation), and the sheet looks the same for each unit for consistency. Their gradebook categories, and thus assessments, include Interpretive Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Presentational Communication, and Linguistic & Cultural Competence (as found in their syllabus).  They even have a Contract for Reassessment.  I am blown away by what these teachers have created.  I finally think I have seen a model that incorporates culture and SBG all in one.  I even see how I could do this using comprehensible input.  It all makes sense now!

I am humbled by the amount of work they have put in to put this all together, grateful that they decided to share it with everyone, and motivated to create my own.  I will definitely be referencing their website.  You should check them out, too!

5 thoughts on “#CSCTFL15 Idea Share: World Language Standards Based Resources

  1. Thank you for writing about this presentation! I see that each activity in the unit is linked to a resource. Do you know if we can have access to those too? Thanks, again.

  2. Diane,

    Someone else mentioned that links were “broken” once others tried to view/use them in a Google Presentation. I never knew that!

    The link that says “additional relevant resources…” has all the materials from their presentation. They are the documents/materials that are hyperlinked to in their presentation. So if you look at their calendar which has titles up top (like Interpretive Reading Practice), you can go to “additional relevant resources…” and find the handouts in the appropriate folder.

    I hope that somewhat helpful. They have so many great things, but I struggled to find the best way to share them.

    – Sra Dentlinger

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