#CSCTFL15 Idea Share: HOT Questions – High Order Thinking Questions

It was hard for me to choose which activity to write about first – Long Distance Dictation or HOT.  HOT is Carol Gaab’s coooooool acronym for Higher Order Thinking. Her handout is free and available on the TPRS Publishing Free Resources page.  Mira Canion also presented similar (if not the same) kinds of activities, but I don’t know if her resource is available at this time.  If you ever have to choose between one of these two presenters and someone else, always choose them!  You will NOT be disappointed!

Here are some ways to get your students engaged in HOT, using the Frozen storyline:

1. Who would say….?

Examples: Who would say Glendale is an amazing city?  Who would say they want to leave Glendale?  Who would say animals have rights?  Who would say that “we” need to save planet Earth?

2. Possible or Probable? 

Examples: The castle has electricity.  Elsa takes a vacation to Hawaii.  Anna pets a moose.  Elsa and Anna have another sibling.

 3. Most/Least Likely? 

Examples: Which is most likely: Elsa lives in the winter castle forever, Ana lives in the castle, Kristoff and Sven tear down the castle, or the castle melts away.

(I hope these examples make sense and do Carol and Mira justice!)

Pretty much, we need to use questions that require students to connect what they already know to new information and thoughts.  If the majority of your questions can be answered by a student looking down and reciting a line from the book/text, chances are they are not high enough questions.  Challenge them!

2 thoughts on “#CSCTFL15 Idea Share: HOT Questions – High Order Thinking Questions

  1. This post came at just the right time! I am rated using the Danielson Rubric, and my “circling” etc has just not cut it for my observers in terms of questioning. I will use your strategies and resources to come up with HOT questions. Thanks!

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