El Cambio Climático

I recently wrote about how I found the perfect song for International Women’s Day, but if truth be told I found SO many great songs to use this past week!  All of my levels either learned or reviewed weather for a week, and we read real weather forecasts from the countries we are studying.  I liked looking at real forecasts as opposed to a textbook-style one because: (1) they’re authentic; (2) it allowed me talk about concepts like Celsius and military time; (3) I could vary the forecast by province/departments of the country we studied.

However, one thing I noticed is that when we had multiple forecasts from the same city, the forecast hardly ever changed.  A colleague from Perú pointed out that the weather is more stable due to climate.  I don’t know why I hadn’t ever thought of it before!

While looking for an artist from El Salvador, I happened across Cambio Climático by Shaka y Dres.  I absolutely love this song!  It’s fast paced, upbeat, and has a really positive message about how we need to take care of Earth.  It’s full of weather vocabulary, so it could also be used with a generic weather unit, but it is more about the climate change.

I highly recommend you add this to your “must use” song list!

4 thoughts on “El Cambio Climático

  1. Thanks for sharing! We are right in the middle of a unit on the rain forest and the environment and Cambio Climatico fit in perfectly. Played it today and students really liked it.

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