Lucha Libre Unit: Days 4 & 5

Here are my fourth and fifth day lesson plans for my lucha libre unit:

Day 4 Lesson Plans:

  • I introduced the Frases Luchístas assignment.  I got the idea from Señor Z on TeachersPayTeachers a while ago.  I really liked his idea, but couldn’t justify doing it with all the other regular things we’ve had going on.  However, when searching for synonyms and adjectives to use in relation to luchadores I came across this 25 Frases Luchístas post.  The post has quotes about lucha libre and luchadores in Spanish by real luchadores!  I thought this would be the perfect time to borrow Señor Z’s refrain idea, so I created this “Frases Luchístas” Dictionary of sorts.  Students will copy down the quote, translate it into English, and describe a time in their lives that exemplifies that moment.
  • Students then finished watching Tales of Masked Men, along with the corresponding worksheet.  You can find more information on the video and worksheet on my Day 2 + 3 post.

Day 5 Lesson Plans:

  • Students completed their Frases Luchístas assignment described above.
  • We reviewed their answers on the worksheet.  Students corrected what they had as we went over them.
  • We then completed this graphic organizer  in an attempt to be able to define and describe IN SPANISH a luchador without using lucha or luchador.  The graphic organizer is supposed to be a prettier version of a Venn Diagram (well, that was my intent anyways!).  The main idea behind this lesson was to give them additional words to express what they want to say – not simply regurgitate what I have given them.
  • In order to leave class, students had to write a Spanish definition of a luchador without using the words lucha or luchador.

Reflection on the Lessons

A couple of thoughts on these two days:

  • I’m pleasantly surprised at the Spanish sentences I get, describing when the “Frase Luchísta”  applied to their life!  My students are awesome!
  • I played the video in English and reviewed it in English.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I show videos to help build students’ background knowledge.  Do I think I have students who could have watched the Spanish version?  Yes, but I have some who would have freaked out.  The video also had a lot of spoken Spanish with English translations below, so they actually were exposed to some Spanish.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about the activity/graphic organizer for luchador adjectives and synonyms that I did.  I like the idea, but I wish I had a better way to put it in my students’ hands.  Pretty much what I did was I asked for words they would say in English and I helped them translate into Spanish.  As the day went on, I had a mini-profesor(a) replace me.  Essentially, I picked one student to replace me and they called on students.  When “their” students told them the desired word, the mini-profesor(a) looked up the word on using the projector and the students copied it down.  If you have ideas on how to improve this, please send them my way!

Stay tuned for more info!

Here’s my disclaimer:  I am not a lucha libre expert! While creating this unit I am  learning along with my students.  If you notice an error in any of these or future works, or have suggestion on how to improve them, please contact me so I can correct it! 

3 thoughts on “Lucha Libre Unit: Days 4 & 5

    • ¡por supuesto!

      They really liked creating their own luchador and they have been shocked at some of the things they learned while researching a current fighter. They will read what they learned, then laugh out loud, eager to tell me what they learned. Especially the moves that their luchador is famous for!

      Getting Chromebooks has somewhat helped, though. I think they’re somewhat excited since the Chromebooks are still new.

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