Lucha Libre Unit: Days 2 & 3 – El Santo

The lucha libre journey continues!

Learning about El Santo took longer than I anticipated.  We completed the activities from my Day 1 lesson, but were not able to finish them before the bell rang.  To be truthful, I got about half of the way through the El Santo Powerpoint.  The reason for this is because I also felt like I was teaching vocabulary, and I was circling a LOT.  I can’t believe I’ve never taught “nació” or “falleció” before!  I was also drilling numbers in relation to dates a lot.  I noticed that when my students got to years when reading out loud they would skip the numbers or say it in English.  I had to fix that quick!

So here is what we did on Day 2: 

1. For the warm-up, students told me if the following phrases were true or false:

  •  El Santo was born with the name El Santo. (F)
  • El Santo was born in Tulancingo, Mexico. (T)
  • El Santo lived most of his life in Tulancingo, Mexico.  (F)
  • El Santo had a small family. (F)

2. After we reviewed the content in English (yesterday was spent entirely in Spanish!) through the warm-up, I then had the class translate the English sentence into Spanish so I could check to make sure they had retained the vocabulary.  They did well!

3. We finished the El Santo Powerpoint from Day 1, PQ&Aing like CrAzY!

4. Students wrote down five sentences in Spanish, without looking at their notes, in order to leave class that day.

Here are the Day 3 lessons:

1. For the warm-up, I wanted students to have to produce the Spanish vocabulary because they would need it for the quiz.  Students were asked to translate the following information into Spanish:

  • He was a wrestler.
  • The Saint passed away in 1984.
  • The enemy of the Saint was named “Blue Demon”
  • The mask was the color silver.
  • The year 1942, he used the name  “The Saint” for the first time.

2.  Students completed this quiz about El Santo.

3.  Students began watching Tales of Masked Men by PBS and worked at filling out this worksheet.  I bought the DVD through Amazon (you can view a free preview through  by clicking here), and the video is 55 minutes long.  It is available in both Spanish and English.  Unfortunately, my classes are only 45 minutes – and that’s not taking into account any warm-ups or announcements we have to do.  So we’re watching the film in two class periods (finishing up the video will take most of Day 4).  For the worksheet, I included times of when questions should appear.  I’m not sure why I did this.  However, students seemed very attentive and asked less “Where are we!?” questions.

Reflection on Days 1-3:

  • Learning about El Santo is taking a long time.  I think this is partly because I’m also teaching a reasonable amount of new vocabulary (and circling it like crazy).  I think it’s also because I am really dedicated to teaching this as close to the 90% in the target language as possible.  Maybe it’s also because I have too much information about El Santo?
  • Some things that have made this unit fun so far:  (1) I acted out giving birth.  Nothing graphic!  However, I had a baby doll and shoved it inside my shirt.  I greeted kids in the hallway with the baby and carried it around everywhere for the day.  Kids got a kick out of that!  (2) I have two mascaras (one is El Santo’s mask and the other is the Blue Demon’s) to act out the parts of rudo (bad guy/luchador) vs. tecnico (good guy/luchador).  (3) I also have a student teacher beginning this week, and so kids are enjoying listening to him teach this, too!
  • Tales of Masked Men is great, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.  The video describes the history of lucha libre, the stories of 3 particular luchadores (including El Santo!), and also describes the masks well.  I was hoping for more information on the actual event.  For example, the specific moves used, more information on what the entire entire represents, etc.  I guess I will have to create that part.
  • I’m hoping that the Minute Help Guides’ Lucha Libre: A History of Mexico’s Greatest Sport will help me fill in the blanks.  It’s a reasonably short book that covers the most basic information.  The book covers the rules of lucha libre, the masks, the history, the luchadores that appear in movies, and provides some ideas on the future of the sport – all in an easily accomplishable 57 pages!

Here’s my disclaimer:  I am not a lucha libre expert! While creating this unit I am  learning along with my students.  If you notice an error in any of these future works, or have suggestion on how to improve them, please contact me so I can correct it! 

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