IWLA 2014 Info Share #2: Norman Borlaug

If the University of Northern Iowa presentation by Juan Carlos Castillo about Heritage Speakers was my favorite session from the Iowa World Language Association fall 2014 conference, Sra. Guetzko’s presentation was a very close second.  Her presentation last year (on Pablo Picasso) was truly inspirational.  It inspired me to create my bullfighting unit that my students are still talking about.

This year, Sra. Guetzko’s presentation was about Normal Borlaug.  Any school would benefit from learning about this great man, but Iowans in particular will connect to him as he is from Cresco, Iowa.  Norman Borlaug also ties in nicely to the World Food Prize for some cross-curricular lessons.  Essentially, Norman is an agricultural master for his creation of a disease-resistant wheat (more or less).  Norman created the wheat in Mexico in a research position, but ended up assisting other countries, too.  I hope to do her unit justice after my students and I finish our lucha libre adventure.

Make sure to check out Señora Guetzko’s presentation on Norman Borlaug!

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