Lucha Libre Unit: Day 1 – El Santo

I have learned so much about Lucha Libre already!  The amount of authentic resources available is almost a bit overwhelming.  However, I’ll take this over not enough any day of the week!  I will be posting about my Lucha Libre unit, but if you’re interested in doing a similar unit I highly recommend you check out  my Lucha Libre Pinterest board.  I have found some really great stuff to pin to it!


  • As students are walking in, I will be playing Música Surf.  According to this infograph that Kara Jacobs (@karacjacobs) sent me on Twitter, it’s the kind of music played at lucha libre.  I believe I read somewhere that other kinds of music are also used, but I haven’t explored too thoroughly.
  • Student will then complete a KWL Chart (my Spanish version of the KWL – Know, Want to know, Learned – Chart).  Even though my prompts are in Spanish, I will allow students to complete this in English.  This is a debatable decision!  While I believe most of my students could complete this in the target language, I worry about a few students in this group who struggle.  I would rather truly know what students already know and what they yearn to find out rather than have them leave it blank (which would happen on a few sheets!).
  • I will then use the El Santo Powerpoint I created.  On the Powerpoint, we will read about El Santo, and I will be doing a lot of PQ&A in the target language.  I’ve tried to put some PQ&A prompts in the notes section, but I’m unsure how this works when in presentation mode.  It’s my first time using Google Presentations!
  • In order for students to get out the door, the class will collectively have to tell me five things about El Santo in Spanish.  For some classes this means some students might have to tell me more than one thing, in other classes it means I won’t need everyone to say something.  Not sure I love that – but it works for me.

Here’s my disclaimer:  I am not a lucha libre expert! While creating this unit I am  learning along with my students.  If you notice an error in any of these future works, or have suggestion on how to improve them, please contact me so I can correct it! 


4 thoughts on “Lucha Libre Unit: Day 1 – El Santo

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