Research on TPRS

I had a really hard time finding current research that support (or deny, for that matter!) TPRS-methodologies in the classroom.  My second class in my Master’s of Education in World Language Instruction was on qualitative and quantitative research.  We pretty much completed a mini-thesis in the span of a week!  After converting to a mostly TPRS classroom last year and believing in the results, I wanted to focus my study on the effectiveness of the methodology.  My instructor highly encouraged me to publish the study, but the perfectionist in me isn’t quite ready to do that just yet!  

I’ve been reading the Alike in TPRS Wonderland blog (@AlikeLast on Twitter!) blog, appreciating all the posts about the National TPRS conference going on right now in Chicago.  After my struggle to find current TPRS research, I was really excited to see that one of the recent sessions she went to was on just that!  The session was called Research on TPR Storytelling by Karen Lichtman, and you can find her pro-TPRS-research handouts at her website, Research on TPR Storytelling.  TONS of references to current studies!  I wish I had found this jewel of a resource about a month ago.  Make sure to check it out! 

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